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New York based group, Porphyra, which comes from the Greek “Πορφύρα,” meaning Purple or Porphyry Chamber, formerly Phoenix Reign, has been around since 1998. Porphyra is an eclectic modern Rock band whose musical styling incorporates Hard Rock and Symphonic Metal with Greek folk, progressive and classical textures.

Billy Chrissochos along with Frank Pace created a new version of this no holds barred Rock band in 2013 that fuses all their collective tastes. Featuring guest vocals by Chandler Mogel (Outloud, Khaos) and a killer array of songs the band recorded "Faith, Struggle, Victory" with engineer Ethan Bill gearing up to bring their brand of unique metal to the masses.

Whether it be heavy, exotic, metal epics or quick driving Hard Rock anthems, the new Porphyra album will have something to please everybody that loves electric guitar driven music.


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