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Cadaver Dogs are too much. Too provocative, too outrageous, too wicked, too scandalous, just too fucking much.

You know the feeling. It's four in the morning and your head is spinning, you can't tell if you're in a room full of people or all alone. All you know for sure is that there's a line on the table, a rolled up dollar bill in your hand, and a decision to be made. Let the Dogs give you a little advice. Do too much.

We're not talking about a band here, we're talking about a barbaric two-headed rock hellion, as likely to break your teeth out with a bottle of Jägermeister as it is to make your toes tap or your ass shake.

With three studio releases of raucous, radio-ready rock and roll already under their belts, including their phenomenal debut full length, 2012's 'superloose', Cadaver Dogs are going in for the kill with the release of their brand new album 'TOO MUCH'. A mesmerizing myriad of brazen bangers and ballistic twisters that'll blacken your brain while whispering in your ear how much it loves you. Their first record as a duo, you'll swear you're actually listening to at least six musicians, a dominatrix, and a witchdoctor, but it's just two scurrilous mutts hell-bent on a good time. 

And let's not forget their manic live show, equal parts blood, sweat, vomit, and flying floor toms. This is where the Dogs really run wild, each show a tumultuous lesson in chaos and excess. Having drug their filthy paws coast to coast sharing stages with Andrew WK, Foxy Shazam, Filter, Semi Precious Weapons, Valient Thorr, and more, the Dogs are prepping for their busiest year yet. The band will be carousing the nation with their batch of exhilarating new songs, looking for the weirdest party they can conjure up. They'll also be making stops at various festivals along the way including busting open the Carolina Rebellion Festival in Charlotte, NC alongside Rob Zombie and Avenged Sevenfold, as well as the inaugural Fashion Meets Music Festival alongside Cold War Kids, Circa Survive, and New Found Glory in their home city of Columbus, OH. 
But most importantly, they'll be haunting your every thought, every dream, every delusion, every hallucination, like a parasitic devil forged in your favorite nightmare.

Feeling overwhelmed? Cadaver Dogs are just getting started and you're in their sights. They've got your scent, so it's already too late. 


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