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So by now you probably heard that the ‘80s are back… Maybe…. But not quite… Sure, bands like She Wants Revenge, Shiny Toy Guns and the Killers brought us a taste of that Robert Smith (The Cure) crying out, distressed, dark melodic vibe... Because, of course, Rock n Roll is supposed to be dark and mysterious, right? But the ‘80s weren’t all that dark, now were they? Times were good, people wanted to have fun, and not since Woodstock did we feel something exciting brewing in the airwaves again. Cary Nokey is not about over the top vocals, slick stage theatrics, or trying to get in the mainstream radio lane with some old world major label shot in the dark creative marketing plan. Instead it’s about what we have been missing since the end of an era, and it’s about being entertained again... Not being sung to but being part of the experience. Picking up the pieces from where artists like the Cars, Gary Numan, ABC, and Rick Astley left off, Cary Nokey puts 2013 into the carefree, looseness of major chords, funky bass lines, sing along hooky lyrics, and melodies as if you have already heard the songs a thousand times before. Ali in Da-City was born the illegitimate son of Roland Gift (Fine Young Cannibals). Although he never met his father, Ali obviously took on the funky blood line and quirkiness, bringing back "left of center" pop vocals. To say Ali has the "gift" would be an understatement. If Fine Young Cannibals did a record with Bowie producing, and Roger Waters and Lou Reed were writing the tunes, it might help paint the picture. Co-writing all the songs on the first Cary Nokey record, Ali brings us back to that simpler time and feel, when music was about music. 8 bit has been programming synths on some of the most recognized records of the last decade. Working under greats like Babyface, Rob Fusari and Timbaland, 8 has been developing a production style headed straight for the rock history books. Although shying away from being called a "genius," 8 bit puts his money where his mouth is by challenging any producer out there to a "drum off.” 3 minutes and the drum machine of your choice, 8 bit promises, no matter who you are or what you have done, he will put you to shame. Although most don’t want to accept the challenge, the few that did gave up long before the clock started running for their turn.


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