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Dir Sir’s and Madams – It has often been said that the ills of man can be cured by a strict adherence to virtues of purity, hard work and abstinence from worldly pleasures. This of course comes easily for those who possess a strong will and constitution. Many however fail to adhere to such promise and are thus struck down with sickness. There are of course nowadays many cures being sold to the populace for maladies of all sorts. Some have even been known to work in moderation; quinine, castor oil, mustard plasters etc. It must of course be noted that many so called remedies do little to heal the infirmed or aid in those prone to idleness. These “cure all’s” or tonics that are now so fervently consumed by the populace are being sold by con men who are reaping small fortunes off the ignorant. Often these hucksters will state that their goods promise to excite in a moderate degree, the energies of all parts of the body without causing any deviation of healthy functions. Beware, for these are words that are swallowed only by fools. Pay no heed to their false proclamations! There is only one true cure for all mankind. Behold…The Mercury Pills


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