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Dead Rocking Horse is a New York City-based blues & hard rock outfit, comprised of Marron Chaplin (vox/guitar), David Alva (bass), Jaster A. Leon (guitar), Julio Arias (drums), and Jacqueline Stevens (violin). Actively steering clear of todays popular trends in music, Dead Rocking Horse is heavily influenced by the classics. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Aerosmith and Deep Purple, DRH taps into the main vein and feeds on the the lifeblood of rock’n’roll: the blues. Tightening their sound through hundreds of hours of rehearsal, every detail of their often unique song structures sounds polished, yet the music manages to remain honest, it still feels raw. This is rock’n’roll at its purest. This isn't a garage band regurgitating riffs from legendary bands of yore. Dead Rocking Horse’s music maintains a peculiar originiality, conceived in the gut, birthed through the mind. It grooves heavy, it’s strangely beautiful, and its deliciously dark and dirty. It’s just plain good blues infused rock & roll.


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